Kökar might be the outmost outpost in the archipelago; we can even so offer most of the services that will make your stay at the island as convenient as possible. You may find more information about our island and the public services on the Kökar municipality's webpage (at present, only in Swedish and Finnish, though).

There is a supermarket on the island, in Karlby. The shop has most groceries and conveniences, but also hardware such as knives to carve fine bark boats and new lures for your fishing gear. You can also fill up your car here, if needed.

Wouldn´t it be nice with something to eat or a cup of coffee on some of the island´s restaurants and cafés? Have you seen our own restaurant here on Klobbar´s? Nearby is also the Havspaviljongen, with one of the better views on Kökar. You will find both a café and a farm shop at the apple farm Peders Aplabod in Österbygge. At Estholms café you can both have a cup of coffee and rent a canoe. In Karlby, you will find Brudhäll´s fine restaurant. Yet a few kilometers away is Sandvik´s guest harbor and camping, which also has a small supermarket. Furthermost on the island, next to the church, you´ll find the Hamnö café.