Is there anything more relaxing than strolling around on the bare rocks at the waterside? This alone would probably make the perfect vacation, but let us tell you more about what Kökar has to offer.

On a bike you can actually reach the whole island. Those of you who want to discover the island from the seaside can rent canoes from Estholms kaffekiosk. There are also many hiking trails if you would like to discover the island by foot. The most popular trail measures 7 kilometres and its final destination is Kalen, Kökar´s most southern point. At arrival you can enjoy a truly magnificent view! Guides of Kökar and organised hikes are arranged by WITW. We can help you arrange an attractive excursions packages, please ask us for more information.


If you are interested in culture and history we recommend visits to the settlement from the Bronze Age at Otterböte and to the church on Hamnö where you also find the rests of a medieval Franciscan Monastery. You will in the church find a pirate ship that is said was built some time during the 18th century by Olle of Johan's who for seven years was prisoner by the Turks' on such a ship. It is said turn counterclockwise if it becomes storm and clockwise if it becomes beautiful weather.

The small island Källskär, right outside Kökar, is another lovely destination. For many years, the nobleman Göran Åkerhielm lived on this island. The buildings, the garden and the port that he built are truly creative. Anyone familiar with the Moomin-books recognizes perhaps parts of the houses. Tove Jansson who occasionally came out on visits was inspired from it when she made sketches for the Moomin´s house. Also found on the island is one of Åland's most remarkable nature phenomenons, Källskärskannan. Boats leave to Källskär from Karlby.

Kökar were long time ago militarized, times of which only the ruins after a Finnish fortress from the Second World War remains. The Russians had before the Finns a fortress at the same place. It is still possible to see how the battery places for the artillery were placed and parts of roads in between these are still left. This is one of Kökar's more unknown historic sites. The easiest way to get there is via the road that goes out to the coastguard. The ruins lie, from the road seen, up on the hill behind the coastguard´s facilities.

Kökar museum on Hellsö is well worth a visit. The exhibitions give a view of how people on Kökar lived in the past, how they made their living on fishing and hunting seal. Although cameras were uncommon these days, a surprising number of photographs have been found and restored to be part of the exhibitions.