About us

We are Sune and Åsa, the owners of Klobbar´s Hostelry and Cabins. We live on Kökar all year round, just like our family has done for centuries.
The name Klobbar´s comes from the name of a hill, Klobben, where Sune´s grandparents lived until 1900. When they bought their new farm, Östergård, they brought the name Klobben and ever since then our part of the island is know as Klobbar´s.
The place that Klobbar´s is situated on has been carefully chosen. Its strategic location at Degerfjärd protects us from wind and high sea and provides us both a safe harbour and close by fishing waters.
Asa & Sune
klobbars60s On the aerial photo on the left (taken in the 1960s) it is easy to see how beautifully located Klobbar´s is. When Sune´s grandparents first came here it was love at first sight!

In 1978 we opened our first four cabins. The cabins become very popular and in 1980 we expanded with two more cabins. Many of our guests return every summer!

Cabin no. 7 is the largest and the most modern of our cabins and it was built in 1984. The cabin used to be part of the old farm and Sune´s father Albin mainly used it for his boat-building workshop.

In 1984 Sune built the barn, which would later become the Klobbar´s Hostelry. Until we could welcome our first guests at the hostelry in 1999, it was the home of Sune´s sheep.